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Hi, I found a great apartment through your wonderful site! :-) Anna Rivera, rented Bronx — NY - recent
Thank you for your service. It was very valuable. Signed my lease today. Also got a mover thru your referral service. I am very grateful for Sincerely James Cook James Cook, rented Queens — NY - recent
Hi Sonata, My daughter's found and moved into an apartment she really love. I would like to thank you and Mr. Larry in Customer Support for the excellent services provided to us. We would use RDNY's service again for apartment search in the future. Thanks again Laura Li, rented Upper Eastside — Manhattan - recent
Hi Sonata, I was really excited to use RDNY services last week to get an apartment so quickly. The rent was within my range and most importantly trusted the professional Landlord. I would definitely recommend RDNY services to any of my friends and families when needed. Better yet it felt really good that I don't have to pay a broker's fees. I have no regret to pay for your services. I used that money for the move. Five stars for your services. Bibi Hamid, rented Brooklyn — NY - recent
Hi Michelle, Hope you're doing well. I found a great apartment and just wanted to thank you for all your help. Michelle Burgess, rented Brooklyn — NY - recent
Thank you Sonata, Never having been to New York City, my husband and I had no idea how to maneuver through the apartment hunting process. We had talked with friends from New York who warned us it could be a treacherous and frustrating experience. When I found RentDirects web page, I called and talked to Sonata Randolph. She walked me through the process and any time I had a question, she was there every step of the way. Through RentDirect, we found a great place for our daughter without having to pay a broker fee. Our friends were right - searching for an apartment in New York City is quite an experience. But Rent Direct is a great, reassuring friend to have along the way! Mary Thomas, rented Upper Westside — Manhattan - recent
Hello Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I have signed a lease on one of your apartments! Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement throughout this process. Your guidance and support have been incredibly helpful. Carrie Royce Fisk, rented Upper Westside — Manhattan - recent
My boyfriend and I would first like to thank RDNY as we found our new apartment through the site. :) Jamie Bradley, rented Chelsea — Manhattan
Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for your help in finding my new apartment. I really did not know what was available to me out there in the market and you certainly opened my eyes to areas of New York that I would have never believed was in my price range. It only took 3 days to not only find an apartment, but to be approved and sign a lease just one day later. My new apartment is a dream come true. I knew I wanted it to be my home the second I walked into the building and felt like the luckiest guy in town when I walked through and checked out the rooms. The pictures could not even compare to the worksmanship and structure of my new home. Thank you so much for all of your support. Reuben Mohammad, rented Ocean Avenue — Brooklyn
Hi RDNY, I was in a tough position as I needed a new apartment right away before school started for my 2nd grader and you did everything you could to help me. And you understood what I was looking for and through your pro active work, I was able to find a great apartment. Your grasp of my needs was far better than any of the brokers I spoke with. As a result of my experience, I have referred several people to your site and will continue to do so. I am forever thankfulStarVest Partners, L.P. Laura Sachar, rented East 80s — Manhattan, I just wanted to let you know that I did rent an apartment that I found on RDNY. It was smooth and easy. Thanks so much.Director of Personal TrainingBavid Barton Gym Carl Helmle, rented East 80s — Manhattan
Hi All. I just wanted to say THANK YOU AGAIN for setting us up with your service and taking the time to go over everything. We were able to find the perfect place for us in Hell‘s Kitchen from one of your listings, in one day. Next move, I will call on them again. Ken Wilbanks, rented West 50s — Manhattan
Thank you for your assistance. We just signed a lease for 1** A****y Street in the lower east side starting August 1st. Overall your listings were much nicer than most of what we saw thru other no fee realtors and we would recommend your site to others. Pat Sorenson, rented East Village — Manhattan
Hi Rent Direct, Thank you so much for all of your help. is such a great website and organization. The renter‘s guide pamphlets on your website were so helpful. I used the checklist every time I visited an apartment. The quality of the apartments on your website was also very impressive. Of all of the places I saw only two of the apartments were places I would not consider living in. The other 10-12 were fantastic. I am so happy I used your services. I now recommend you all to my friends who are looking for apartments! Deborah Walker, rented Harlem — Manhattan
Hey, I moved into a nice apartment in the Bronx on Monday. Thanks for getting me started with the website. I probably would not have found this apartment without it. Best. Bob Acevedo, rented Riverdale — Bronx
Hi, I wanted to let you know that your service is fantastic. I had been searching for an apt for 3 weeks with no success. Once you sent me my pass code, I found my apt in 15mins. Thanks very much. James/Lauren Jones, rented Tribeca — Manhattan
Mr. Rosenberg, I wanted to take the time to thank you Mr. Rosenberg for all your help in finding our great new apartment. We have lived in many cities and have never found apartment searching so simple. All the information we needed was readily at our fingertips to help us select apartments to actually visit. The interior photos and street views were also a big help. We found all the provided information to be accurate as well. Not always true with other companies in the past. When we had questions you were pleasant to work with and prompt in your actions to assist. We would highly recommend your services to anyone looking for an apartment in New York City. Eileen Smith, rented West 90s — Manhattan
Hello Rent Direct: I was relocating to NYC from Chicago to attends graduate school at the School of Visual Arts (SVA). My Mom and I were looking at apartments in the general vicinity of the school which is in the east 20s. The rental market in NYC is very chaotic and it is hard to know who to trust. We tried using brokers and were shown terrible apartments and with relative high rents. Then we found We saw lots of listings in my price range that met my no fee criteria. One was on target and even though it was rented before we could view it we found another apartment in the same complex. We both recommend the service highly. Jessica and Shirley Eis, rented East 20s — Manhattan
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help!!! You helped me sign up for on Wednesday afternoon, on Thursday I began my apartment search, and today I signed my lease. I found a perfect apartment and the whole process was so easy. This is my first time living in New York and I was so scared of even renting an apartment but your website made everything run smooth. All of the apartment management representatives that I met with were so nice and helpful. I will definitely use this service in the future your service did everything it promised it would do. Thank you, Adriana Adriana Guillen, rented East 30s — Manhattan
Hi RDNY, On behalf of my husband Joe, myself, and of course our daughter Mallory, thank you so much for your sincere assistance in helping us Mallory find an apartment in Manhattan. I can‘t tell you what a relief you were to us by following through, and guiding Mallory. Within the first day she found her apartment. Thank you for helping us through this journey as we were not able to physically help Mallory. You gave us the secure feeling that we as parents needed to feel for our daughter would be safe and make appropriate choices.. Your following up with calls prior to and after Mallory‘s move were affirmation of your sincerity. Have a wonderful summer! Joe and Vicki Oboikovitz, rented West 40s — Manhattan
Dear RDNY, YES! Karina and I found a one bedroom in Wash. Heights 169 and Amsterdam. The landlord was friendly and helpful during the process. Each room BED, LIVING, BATH, KITCHEN has a window street side, so that means every room has one with a lot of sunlight, which I really appreciate. It‘s hot, but we are shopping for an AC and blinds and curtain rods, now. Also a big plus, the actual apt is NEW! inside. We are happy, safe and comfy. We have fixed up the bathroom very comfortably and are half way with the rest of the rooms. We appreciate all of your and RDNY‘s help which you provided. Hope all is well with you, THANKS again. Richard and Karina, rented Washington Heights — Manhattan
Thank you so much, I found my apt on the upper east side and love it. Thank you! A. T., rented East 70s — Manhattan
Hi All, Just wanted to let you know we found an apt. for Sean in the financial district this past week. I guess we no longer need the updates. Thank you so much for your help. It helped me see what was out there and set the stage for an easy week! Best Regards, Linda and Sean O‘Connor Linda/Sean O'Connor, rented Wall Street Vicinity — Manhattan
I found a fantastic apartment in Harlem thanks to your web site. thank you! Kevin Sartain, rented Harlem — Manhattan was a great resource to use for my search. I found a fabulous apartment! Anna B., rented West 80s — Manhattan
I had a great experience with RDNY. Before I found the site, I was pouring through newspapers for apartment advertisements — my desk was covered in papers — and making visits with brokers who wanted exorbitant fees. With its extensive listings, RDNY let me clean up the clutter, doing everything online instead, and got me out of paying thousands of dollars to a broker. Thanks, RDNY! Micah Landau, rented East Village — Manhattan
This was a great service, all parties I dealt with were professional, positive and helpful, from the beginning to the end, it was a very good experience. I have a great place to live, and a very professional, personable landlord. Karen Swent, rented West 80s — Manhattan
This website was great. It really helps find a no fee apt. Considering what a fee apt costs, the website is worth it. Sean MacCorkindale, rented East 70s — Manhattan
Thanks to I could finally a nice apartment in Manhattan NY. This was quite difficult, but RDNY‘s list helped me a lot. Thank you. Stephanie Weisschadel, rented East 80s — Manhattan
Your support staff was a tremendous help in assisting me in finding an apartment in a short span of time. The morning I was leaving for NY, I found several apartments on the site. Two hours later, I was contacted right away as I was at the airport and given more information. I paid the simple subscription fee that day, and contacted the landlord for an appointment. The next day, I signed the rental contract! Also, take a look at the ‘tips’ they offer because it helped me prepare all the necessary documents I needed to land the apartment! I would definitely recommend this site to anyone looking to work with a friendly and professional company during your search for a no-broker fee rental apartment! Vera So, rented East 50's — Manhattan
I don‘t think that I would have been able to find my apartment with out this website. I found it extremely helpful on being able to just deal with Management companies instead of a realtor, who could give you the run around. I would recommend this website to anyone looking for a place in New York City. Shayla Tramel, rented Morris Park — Brooklyn
This has got to be the best way to find an apartment in the world! I was skeptical about signing up, but after I had, I had a new apartment within 1 week!!! A quality place in a nice, quiet convenient area!!! I‘m psyched!!! Terry Jackson, rented Upper Manhattan — New York
RDNY has been such a help in finding an apartment. I have been crazy busy with finals and school work that I barely had any time to search. RDNY helped us out on a name to name basis by searching their database and they found our dream apartment!!! It was an overall great experience, and HIGHLY recommended. Thank you RDNY! Sean Kelley, rented Wall Street Vicinity — Manhattan
Thank you for the opportunity to work with RDNY! The overall experience was worth it. Pamela Fuller, rented Clinton Hill — Brooklyn was very informative. I received daily updates regarding apartments in my profile. Dondra Stevens, rented Norwood — Bronx
Jessica was a great help. She kept in constant contact with us and guided us with our profile. We are pleased with our apartment choice. They were willing to work with us on the lease and the rent. They were also pleased that we found them on RDNY. Jill / Arielle Martin, rented West 50s — Manhattan helped to provide us guidance and directed us to the places in NYC that fit all of our parameters for living. Larry Epstein, rented East 70s — Manhattan
I wanted to let you know that I am scheduled to move in to my new apt. this coming Wednesday. I have already recommended RDNY to other folks. Thanks and kind regards, So Yon So Yon, rented Harlem — Manhattan
My experience, though brief, was good. Gary Neece was very helpful. I actually contacted RDNY because I was in a time crunch to find an apartment within a two day time period. Prior to this time, I had not heard of RDNY. I was subsequently encouraged to contact them. After signing up for a guest membership, Mr. Neece contacted me and provided me with over 60 immediate options. I contacted an apartment management company listed on this website and explained my situation to them. Within a couple of hours, I was approved to sign a lease on what is now my current residence. Thank you again for your help. Michael Pine, rented Rego Park — Queens
Phenomenal!!! Definitely will recommend to my friends Fritzgerald Sabbat, rented West Village — Manhattan
I don‘t think I would have been abe to live in New York City if it wasn‘t for! I moved from California and found a place to live within 2 days! They helped me every step of the way. I found a place that was great for people new to New York and they also have helped me get situated to the city. While preparing for the move I wasn‘t scared or nervous because I felt as though someone had my back. Thank you so much! Azzurra Di Marcello, rented East Village — Manhattan
Hi Liz, Just a quick note to thank you for your support during the process of finding my son a place to live in Brooklyn! We had such a short window to work with and we could not have done it without the services of RDNY. Dealing directly with the landlord, after signing up, made all the difference in us being comfortable with sending deposits so quickly. Our experience with the one realtor was being shown apartments that did not match the pictures online and very young staff. We are thankful for your service and support! Thank you for everything. Adam Galbraith, rented Park Slope — Brooklyn
Hey Greg. I found an apartment and I just moved in. I wanted to thank you for your help and service! It’s a great place at a great deal and I am very happy with everything! Eric Donnelly, rented East 40s — Manhattan
I love RDNY. This is the second time I used them and it was well worth it. Thank you. Jeronimo Fontalvo, rented Washingon Heights — Manhattan
This is my second apartment I‘ve found with RDNY. I absolutely love it! All of the places I looked at were great, being able to go to them myself without a broker lurking over me made it not only easier to decide, but actually enjoyable. Thanks RDNY! Tyler Gaw, rented East Village — Manhattan
This is the third time I have successfully used to find an apt. for my son in NY. I live in Virginia, and found the service to be a great help and very effective at finding a good deal. Bentley Roberts, rented Woodside — Queens
This is the second apartment rented through RDNY. Both times we were able to find exactly what we were looking for in less then a week. Very satisfied with the service in every respect. Thanks! Michael Yusingbo, rented West 60s — Manhattan
I found this site to be great! It was easy to navigate and search apartments under a list of criteria. Tara Lindemeier, rented Roosvelt Island — Manhattan
We looked with many different sources but RDNY was the only source that panned out. They were great and we loved our personal representative Lindsay. Jan/Margaret Smith, rented East 20s — Manhattan
RDNY is hands down the # 1 website to find an apartment through in your neighborhood choice within NYC. My rental advisor, Rodson Manning, was generously helpful, answering any Tania Padro, rented Kew Gardens — Queens
It has been very helpful, the apartments were all without fee, and very user friendly. It is a great system and I will use it in the future and recommend it to my friends. THANKS Pablo Prieto, rented West 80s — Manhattan
Just wanted to let you know that I found my second apartment using Thank You! I moved to NYC last year and without being able to view apartments beforehand I needed a reliable service to find something right away. The first apartment I looked at from RDNY was perfect. A nice little starter apt on the UES. I filled out paperwork on the spot and moved in a day later. Fast forward one year. Lease is about to be up, I decided I wanted to live in the East Village, and I would go the Craigslist route to finding an apartment. What a damned nightmare that was. Looked at a couple CL apartments on Wednesday, nothing close to what I wanted coupled with shady brokers and landlords. That night I signed up for RDNY. Thursday I viewed 5 apartments from RDNY that were all very good, within my price range and in great locations. Then, the 6th place I looked at from RD blew me away! Filled out an application for it on Thursday at about 7pm, finished up paperwork during the day Friday, got approved Saturday, signed a lease and moved in on Monday. This place is absolutely amazing. Huge compared to what I was in, the exact same price, and in just an amazing location. I don‘t plan on moving out of it any time soon, but when I do, if it‘s in NYC RDNY will be the first and only place I look. Thank you so much! Tylar Gaw, rented East Village — Manhattan
Hi Shanta, I have found a wonderful apt via and moved in about 2 weeks ago. Thanks and have a great holiday weekend. Jessica Snyder, rented East 70s — Manhattan
Hi Liz – my wife and I found a great apt right on our block, advertised on RDNY. Thanks in advance. Jim Hill, rented East 30s — Manhattan
Hi, Liz! I just didn‘t have a minute until now to give you the details! RDNY was super. Originally we were looking for a 2 bedroom, but then Melanie‘s plans changed and we were looking for a 3 bedroom. We looked at 3 and Mel and her roommate really liked 2 out of 3! Ultimately, the three girls decided on the 3 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment at First Avenue (between 7th Street and St. Mark‘s Place). It‘s just where they wanted to be! I will certainly recommend RDNY to anyone who needs an apartment! Thanks again! Barbara W. Burstin Barbara Burstin, rented East Village — Manhattan
Elizabeth, I wanted to thank you for your help during my experience. It made the process easy and very informative. This is the third time I‘ve used to find an apartment in Manhattan, and each of those 3 times, I was able to find an apartment within a week of signing up for the service. The listings are comprehensive, very useful, and most importantly, plentiful in terms of options. They were also truthful and I did not have any surprises when looking at apartment listed on the site. Thanks again for making the apartment-hunting experience in Manhattan a relatively painless one! I‘ll be calling again next time I move! Alejandro Castro, rented West 80s — Manhattan
I would like to thank you so much for Kate and I find a great apartment. We already found one. We didn‘t even have the service 24 hours before we found an excellent place. We ended up going with the one on Duffield St. I am also sending this email, with hopes of it getting forwarded to a person in management, to express our tremendous satisfaction with Lindsay‘s customer service. She and I spoke on the phone but I didn‘t purchase the service until later that night on the internet. I would like to make sure that Lindsay gets full credit for the sale. She did an amazing job all around. She found us great apartments and made the entire experience from start to finish stress-free. And as I am sure you already know, trying to find a nice apartment in New York can sometimes be quite stressful. was a superb service. One that we will certainly use if our next move keeps us in New York. Lindsay, once and we would like to say thank you very much. You rocked! All the best, David Benfield and Kate Dial David and Kate, rented Brooklyn Heights — Brooklyn
I looked at several different apartments with 3-4 different agencies. I was on a tight time schedule, and pulled through, it was definitely worth it! Thank you! Amanda Weddle, rented East 80s — Manhattan
I was called promptly after signing up for RDNY. From there my assigned assistant Shanta Washington helped me narrow down my search to fit my exact apartment needs. I have visited many aprtments listed on RDNY and they were quality listings with management companies that were helpful. My overall experience was very positive. Luke Wu, rented East Village — Manhattan
I wanted to let you know that I found a place listed through your RDNY service, and have leased it! This was through the nice people at, who manage a nice set of buildings primarily on the upper west side. Anyway, your service saved me a bundle in fees and provided me with the listing that led to a wonderful apartment! Thanks… If you want a note about this (i.e. a “quote”), let me know. And, of course, thanks for your help in the process! Paul Greenman, rented Upper West Side — Manhattan
Hi there Sarah, I wanted to let you know that Chelsea and I have found an apartment. We worked directly with the management company that owns 3xx west 18th apartment. We would like to stop receiving the updated apartment emails… as there is no need to continue the search… it is over for us, thankfully! We were very pleased with your help in locating this building in the first place, although the apartment that we have decided on was not one that was provided by our RDNY list. I look forward to staying in touch if ever looking for an apt. in the future. A. Bethea and C. Holt, rented Chelsea — Manhattan
Just sending you a quick email to let you know my roommate and I signed a lease today for a RDNY apartment! We‘re very happy with the unit and the management is great too. Thanks for the help. E. Goodridge and R. Davis, rented Manhattan
Just a note to say thank you. We were able to rent Apt. xx from the Biltmore today. Your website was invaluable and the rental guides were extremely helpful. I will recommend you to any one. Mark Serra, rented Murray Hill — Manhattan
Found a great place to live, please discontinue my membership. And many thanks – this is a great service! I have never rented in NYC before and found the prospect somewhat daunting – your service made the process much more manageable. may certainly use my testimonial as you wish! And, for that matter, I’ll be happy to serve as a reference for you in the event that future potential clients are uncertain about your organization. Philip Karam, rented Roosevelt Island — Manhattan
I am well pleased with the rental service. I found a great apartment through Thanks for everything. William McLeod, rented Yonkers — Westchester helped me find an apartment in my price range and in a fantastic neighborhood. I found my apartment in about a week after signing up with RDNY. Sarah was very helpful. I spoke with her several times about what I was looking for and she made adjustments to my searches. Elizabeth Moncrief, rented West 50s — Manhattan
I found an apartment in my price range and desired neighborhood within one week. And I only had to look at four places. Overall, it was 100% less frustrating than dealing with Craigslist. Every landlord I contacted via was accessible and helpful. And I felt comfortable meeting with them because I knew they had been screened by Ellen Keohane, rented Astoria — Queens
I was initially disappointed by the lack of listings in Manhattan in my price range (compared to Craigslist), but all of the listings listed here are real. . . . I looked at over 15 places, both from RDNY and Craigslist, and the apartment I eventually got was the best one I looked at, and I found it on RDNY! Shaun Peterson, rented East Village — Manhattan
I just loved using RDNY! It was so easy- I just typed in what I was looking for and found an apartment over a weekend. THANKS RDNY! Chrsitopher Skinner, rented West 70s — Manhattan provided a very helpful collection of no-fee listings in the neighborhoods I was interested in. I found the right place in the first week of my subscription. Jason Smith, rented Flushing — Queens
Excellent. It took me only 3 days to find the cat-friendly apartment we were looking for in the area (upper east side) we needed. I will definitely recommend this web site to friends. Elena Choleris, rented East 80s — Manhattan
Liz was an excellent resource for me in my search. Very helpful and patient with me. Kisa Hammond, rented West 50s — Manhattan
Just wanted to say thanks to you and RDNY, we got an apartment for my daughter in 2 days! It was the last apartment that we saw and we were all so happy with it because it had everything we were looking for: a decent apartment in a nice decent neighborhoo6 in the upper East side (just as you suggested), close to the train 6 express, close to the market (D‘Agostino‘s), just the right size with a kitchen, sunlit, hardwood floors, and a safe-looking and clean entrance and hallway! Thanks for patiently and quickly answering all my questions and concerns. Rent Direct was really so very convenient because when we were not satisfied with our initial choices, we just went through the updated list for the day and called the landlord/agents right away to view the place, and they were generally available to show us the place. Thanks again for all your help and support throughout the whole process! Gay Cororaton, rented East 70s — Manhattan
I needed to find a suitable place in a very short amount of time. RDNY was a great tool to avoid all the Craigslist nonsense without having to pay a broker commission. I would definitely recommend it. Fabienne Pellegrin, rented West 50s — Manhattan
I want to thank you for helping us find an apartment for my daughter and her friend, who will be attending Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. You were always available to answer questions on the phone and eager to give us the support we so needed. Despite living over an hour from the college, we were able to view the descriptions of available apartments, set up appointments with landlords, visit the properties and put a down payment on an apartment all in one day. The service that provided was worth the fee. It was very important that the apartment be in a specific location, near campus, so it would be a safe alternative to dorm life. Another plus was knowing that the landlord had a good reputation with other clients. Thanks again and I would gladly recommend to others. Sharon Adams, rented Clinton Hill — Brooklyn
Liz was a terrific person to me through the process. I had a few issues with my landlord and she was very helpful to me. She went way out of her way to help me and I am very grateful. Lisa Hammond, rented West 50s — Manhattan
Dealing directly with the leasing offices made it easy to schedule appointments with legitimate businesses. We felt more comfortable about the process and there were more opportunities to be sure the offers were legit – a BIG deal in NYC. By including the address in the listing you can walk in and verify everything with their on-site offices, avoiding places with no on-site leasing office. This helped us avoid the scams of paying application fees for no longer available apartments, and completely removed the stress of fighting for locations that are practically already taken by the time they appear in other listings. An hour after registering at I had contacted multiple leasing offices and found several excellent apartments to view. Their prices were reasonable and the leasing offices honored what was advertised on, sometimes at a lower rate than first suggested. Instead of feeling pushed into paying application fees by third parties with no guarantee of a hold, we found above-board professionals willing to work with us who actually had apartments available and the power to guarantee them. Working direct through, we found leasing offices were willing to hold apartments with a deposit to prove they were seriously considering us, meaning they would not take your application and fee unless you were suitable and the apartment was actually available. It‘s a much simpler process and I have recommended site to several friends already. You have to verify everything from everyone these days, but after several great viewings and an instant choice of good apartments from, I‘ll deal direct from now on. Melody Chamlee, rented West 60s — Manhattan was very helpful and I was very pleased with the apartments that were available. Vincent Galante, rented Kingsbridge Heights — Bronx (not just the listing per se, but also the tips and other info) was super helpful for me to find a nice and cozy apartment in Brooklyn! Thanks! Atsushi Hasegawa, rented Sunset Park — Brooklyn
Our experience with RDNY was quite good. We found our apartment using their site within a week after signing up. In general, RDNY helped us a great deal in conducting our search. Erik Freas, rented Bayridge — Brooklyn
Overall, I found helpful. I liked the notifications of new apts. Also, RDNY staff was very courteous and helpful which made the experience pleasant. Jasmine Lee, rented Tribeca — Manhattan
My experience was great. Rodson was very helpful and really took care of me. I‘m very happy with my new apartment and saved a lot of money. I‘ll refer any friend that‘s moving to New York to work with Tommy Cole, rented Prospect Park — Brooklyn
It was very pleasant to work with you. The web site‘s structure and search capability is superb. I could recommend it for everyone who is looking for a new apartment to rent. Otto Toth, rented Roosvelt Island — Manhattan
I had an excellent experience with and will recommend it to my friends and co-workers! Oliver/Ariane Pfaff, rented East 70s — Manhattan
Very good, I found the perfect place immediately. Michelle Callen, rented East 80s — Manhattan
My son and I have found and been approved for his apartment in Sunnyside Queens which we found through It was a property listed by Vantage Management. I want to thank you for recommending to me. It was by far the most efficient and honest way to find apartments in the price range we were looking. The listings were true to their details and their listed prices. The process was very easy to use even from 140 miles away. We were able to make just two day trips down to NYC to look at and then finally choose an apartment. We actually had our pick of three. The companies and people who listed apartments with your service were accurate and honest and pleasant. Your advice was also very helpful and made me a far more informed consumer. You made a daunting task very doable for my son and I. I would highly recommend to anyone. Rosemaria Schneiderman, rented Sunnyside — Queens
RDNY was completely worth it! For only two hundred dollars I was able to narrow my apartment search and get listings that really fit my criteria. Every listing had a clear picture, a list of features, leasing info, and contact info. The clear listings made it easy for me to visit apartments and I knew exactly what to expect when visiting. This was a great experience, and I will recommend RDNY to my friends! Matthew Kirschner, rented Windsor Terrace — Brooklyn
I found to be a very comprehensive service. I received email listings promptly and the customer service by phone was very helpful. Teresa Nash, rented Inwood — Manhattan
We wanted to let you know we found an apt. within a building that was on RDNY‘s list. Thank you very much for your services. It made things a lot easier. Terry Riley, rented West 50s — Manhattan
Good AM Well the eventful day has come, I finally signed a lease and picked up the keys for my new pad today. So I guess at this stage we can close my account and I can just say thanks for all your help.. You guys really have a great service that has helped me tremendously. Have a great weekend. Dan Margiotta, rented East 30s — Manhattan
We signed up for RDNY while living abroad. It helped us to get a jump start on our apartment search. Once we got to NYC, we found an apartment in about 2 weeks- with the help of Allison Zerbe, rented West 60s — Manhattan
So wonderful! I‘d do it again in a heartbeat! Katherine Traver, rented Astoria — Queens
My experience with RDNY was one I would tell anyone who is looking for an apartment, I mean somewhere you can call your home here is where you are going to find it… Raul Santana, rented Norwood — Bronx
I had an overall good experience. It was difficult to find a place but RDNY was for the most part helpful. Amanda Roseberry, rented West 70s — Manhattan
Thanks! Angelika Grinberg, rented West NY — New Jersey
After the first few days of slow trickle, there was a steady stream and it led to a successful search. Thanks. Patrick Monahan, rented East 80s — Manhattan
This is the 3rd time I have found an apartment using Rent Direct and again have been very pleased. RDNY has great listings and the information provided is very helpful and makes the search very easy. I will definitely use RDNY again. Kate Pilcher, rented East 80s — Manhattan
Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! My friend and I lived in upstate New York, and we were moving to unfamiliar territory on a tight budget. We hit so many dead ends with other websites! Scams, prices way above what we could afford, unreliable information… As soon as we signed up with RDNY, we had everything we needed. We took the second apartment we looked at, and we couldn‘t be happier! The apartment is pretty spacious and the price and location are perfect. We couldn‘t have done it without you! Thanks a million! Nicole Pelsue, rented Brooklyn — New York
Our experience with RDNY was very positive. We had access to several apartments in our price range and neighborhoods we were looking in. We found a perfect apartment on our first day of scheduled appointments. Thank you very much for a great service! Sincerely, Piper and Tiffany McEndarffer Piper McEndarffer, rented West 80s — Manhattan
It worked. I found my apt in 2 hours. Hoi Yin Lai, rented West 50s — Manhattan
It was very user friendly and easy to utilize. I would definitely refer to other people. Jamell Givens, rented West 60s — Manhattan
Great Service. Dodge Purnell, rented West 70s — Manhattan
I can‘t believe it worked! Great service. Rachel Campbell, rented West 60s — Manhattan
Elizabeth was great and I am very happy I used your service. I will recommend your company with confidence. Randy Ross, rented West Village — Manhattan
I was grateful for the discount on membership when I first joined. Nikita Joshi, rented Wall Street — Manhattan
I‘m really happy that I found you guys, it was such a pleasure to work with you! I found exactly what I was looking for…Now if anybody is asking me how I found my place I am always giving your info:)Thank you soooo much!!!!!!! Izabela Caruso, rented Astoria — Queens
Thanks Shanta ext. 257 for your assistance in helping me and Tanya move on with our lives. Thanks RDNY! Craig Stagg, rented Riverdale — Bronx
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