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Hello Michelle, I just wanted to let you know that I have signed a lease on one of your apartments! Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement throughout this process. Your guidance and support have been incredibly helpful.
Carrie Royce Fisk, rented Upper Westside — Manhattan

Hi Sonata, My daughter's found and moved into an apartment she really love. I would like to thank you and Mr. Larry in Customer Support for the excellent services provided to us. We would use RDNY's service again for apartment search in the future. Thanks again
Laura Li, rented Upper Eastside — Manhattan

RDNY.com, I just wanted to let you know that I did rent an apartment that I found on RDNY. It was smooth and easy. Thanks so much.Director of Personal TrainingBavid Barton Gym
Carl Helmle, rented East 80s — Manhattan


A Broker's Inventory of Apartment Rentals
Without the Broker's Fee.

We match you with the same rental apartments brokers use but without Paying a Commission.


Our apartments are the same NYC apartments for rent brokers show and at the same rental prices, except with RDNY.com, there is never a broker's fee.

All Listings are No Broker Fee

Apartment rental websites are designed for brokers to attract new customers. Using those websites is free, but the listings on those websites were placed by brokers who charge $1,000s of dollars.

Value for Money

If you had the same information that brokers have, you wouldn't need to use a broker and you'd save a bundle. That's exactly what we give you . . . The same apartment rental information brokers have.

Complete Information

We give you all of the information that you need to find and rent an apartment without paying a broker's fee. Phone and email customer support from apartment rental veterans available 7 days a week. RDNY.com is not just a website. We support you right up to your lease signing.

Want or Need Assistance?

Unlike free websites, we're here to help you. We know you'll have a ton of questions about renting. We know you'll have questions about credit, guarantors, deposits, and more. Call us or email our excellent Customer Support. Remember, we're here to help.

Everything You Need

We give you everything you need to rent a New York Apartment. There is full information on every listing, such as a building picture and (in most cases), interior photos. Also Full contact and viewing information, Maps, Walkscore, Paperwork and financial requirements. In short, everything you need to find and rent your new New York apartment.

Your Success Is Our Goal

Our renters find apartments every day. In the more than 21 years that we have been renting no fee apartments, we have saved renters more than $17 million dollars in broker fees. If you're wondering whether we can save you money too, the answer is "yes"! Still not sure? Call us.

Over 144 Neighborhoods

We carry apartments in every borough of New York City except Staten Island. We give you listings in 144 neighborhoods.

Instant Updates

Good apartments rent very quickly. That's why you need an Alert whenever a new apartment comes in that matches your search. That's exactly what we do. In minutes, you'll know when there is a new apartment in our inventory

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RDNY.com helped to provide us guidance and directed us to the places in NYC that fit all of our parameters for living.

Larry Epstein

Thank you for providing such a wonderful service! My friend and I lived in upstate New York, and we were moving to unfamiliar territory on a tight budget. We hit so many dead ends with other websites!

Nicole Pelsue

This is the 3rd time I have found an apartment using RDNY and again have been very pleased. RDNY has great listings and the information provided is very helpful and makes the search very easy. I will

Kate Pilcher