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The founders of pioneered the blending of 100% No Broker Fee apartment rentals with phone and email customer support.

We are apartment rental specialists first, second, and last.
We know the ins-and outs of renting in NYC. We live, love, and work in New York City.
With us, you're never more than a phone call away from professional assistance.

Over 144 Neighborhoods

We carry apartments in every borough of New York City except Staten Island. We give you listings in 144 neighborhoods.

Check the map below for neighborhood you want to search in.

3,000 Landlords

We have built relationships with over 3,000 landlords, managing agents, and individual apartment owners over the past 20 years. Our inventory is constantly changing and constantly expanding. You get the benefit of More Choices.

Instant Updates

Good apartments rent very quickly. That's why you need an Alert whenever a new apartment comes in that matches your search. That's exactly what we do. In minutes, you'll know when there is a new apartment in our inventory.

For 20 years, the founders of have been bringing you the very best New York City No Fee Apartments...

Founders Ralph and Larry have been at the forefront of NYC rentals for their entire careers. Since the earliest days of the web, Ralph and Larry have been on a quest to make every renter "an informed renter" fully prepared to rent their own apartment. allows you to find your apartment with the most reputable information in the business.

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Can Such a Beautiful Apartment Be A No Fee Apartment?

Absolutely! No Fee rental apartments are exactly the same apartments as broker apartments. The only difference is how you find the apartment. If you find the apartment through the services of a broker, you have to pay the broker's fee. If you find it through, there is no broker fee. It's as simple as that.

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I'm Confused. There Are So Many Sources Claiming To Have Everything I Need to Rent. What Do I Do?

Most of the rental sites out there are free to use. But BEWARE! Most of the listings on the free websites are placed there by brokers. That's how they scout for new clients. Many of the ads are too good to be true. Many are old listings. It doesn't matter, as long as you contact the broker, that's all they want. Once they have a chance to work with you, they know you'll get frustrated and pay their 15% of the first year's rent fee.

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